Are dogs allow at Abbey Farms?

You bet! We love our furry four legged friends. A few rules do apply tho. We do require all owners to take full responcibility for their pets, clean up after them and abide by the areas of the farm that do not allow pets due to close proximity to other guests. Dogs are not allowed in the petting zoo, in the corn mazes or on the hay ride. Abbey Farms reserves the right to ask any guest to leave for any reason. Abbey Farms requires all owners to accept all liability for their pet while on Abbey Farms grounds!

What payments are accepted?

Abbey Farms accepts all major credit and debit cards along with cash and Abbey Farms gift cards. Rules and regulations apply for specific transactions.

Is Abbey Farms store open year round?

Abbey Farms physical store is open July 1 through December 23 each year. Fear not, you can purchase your store goods online at our online store and arrange for local pickup, or have your items shipped to you!

Are Abbey Farms donuts the best around?

The simple answer... YES! :) We hope you come try for yourself!

What hours is Abbey Farms open?

Abbey Farms hours vary by season. Check out each season page or at the bottom of any page on our website!

My Christmas tree is loosing needles - is that normal?

All living Christmas trees do loose needles as they dry out. Fear not, your tree should hold most of their needles throughout the season. Consider keeping your fresh-cut tree out of direct sunlight, away from heater vents and fireplaces. Be sure that a fresh cut was placed on the bottom of your tree prior to putting it up (and of course, keep plenty of water in it!).

Are there weather refunds for Pumpkin Daze?

Abbey Farms will issue a 'Same Day' return voucher for any unexpected weather event. Due to the nature of the midwest weather, no cash refunds are posisble - be sure to check your local forcast for the seasonal weather! Thank you for your understanding!

I purchased a Groupon but didn't use it, what now?

If you purchased a Groupon for Pumpkin Daze and did not use it, fear not. You may use the cash value you paid towards admissions to Pumpkin Daze for up to the following 5 years. Groupons purchased for Pumpkin Daze admissions can only be used towards admission and is not valid towards other Abbey Farms goods or services.

I am having trouble getting through on the phone - now what?

We do our very best to answer every phone call. We are a small staff that answers phones, and will do our best to get back to you ASAP! Please just leave us a message OR you can send us an email at We have also provided a recording that has many questions answered on options number 1 and 2! Thank you for your understanding.

Pumpkin Daze & the corn maze! What are the fields like?

This really depends on weather! We do our very best to manage every aspect of the farm. Please keep in mind that the corn maze and grounds are all on a farm (and dirt can turn into mud with enough rain in the corn maze!). Please check out home page for maze conditions and check your local forcast for weather! Either way - the farm is a great way to have authentic farm fun with your family and friends!

What shoes should I wear during my visit?

We recommend a pair of your outdoor shoes or boots - it really does depend on weather! Please keep in mind the corn maze is cut from a huge farm field and the pathways are dirt as we change the design every year!

What is a 'Homefield Hero' admission at Pumpkin Daze?

We are very thankful for all those that help us on the homefront. To qualify for this reduced admission rate, please present proof of your service/occupation and you will qualify for the reduced rate. Full admission price will still apply to all others in your group! Those that qualify for this would include: firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement and all other first responders. All ranks of active military, reserves and veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Thank you for your service!

What age is the 'Senior admission' for Pumpkin Daze

We won't ask you to prove it - but 60 years old is our senior rate at Abbey Farms! Most of our attractions can be enjoyed by nearly every age!


Frequently Asked Questions