Nagel Emporium

  • The Barn location was angled not only to maximize the beautiful sunsets, but to also maximize the amount of daylight entering the reception hall to reduce the amount of lighting needed.

  • All of The Emporium's wood interiors are made from 100% recycled 100+ year old authentic barn wood.

  • All of our lighting is 100% LED.

  • We run a ‘line system’ for all soft drinks and mixers in our indoor bar to reduce the amount of landfill waste produced.

  • We use all real dishware and real glasses for the majority of our events to reduce landfill waste.

  • Our walkways and ADA parking are permeable pavers to help with water runoff.

  • We maintain a 4 acre native prairie surrounding The Emporium.

  • All of our inside furnishings (outside of our banquet tables and chairs) are antiques given a new life!


Address: 2855 Hart Road

Aurora, IL 60502

630) 966-7775

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The farm is now closed until further notice.Thank you all for another great year!
Happy Holidays!!

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