Farm Hours

Address: 2855 Hart Road

Aurora, IL 60502

Phone: 630-966-7775

Email:  info@abbeyfarms.org

For Online Store orders: shop@abbeyfarms.org

Nagel Farmstead Emporium

Until Spring: By Appointment Only


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Christmas Trees

& Farming

  • We have up to 100k Christmas trees growing at any given time – and plant at least 10k a year.

  • We plant red and white clover in our tree rows to reduce mowing from once a week to twice a year.

  • The clover we plant is also a wonderful pollinator for honey bees.

  • We hand trim each one of the 100k Christmas trees, removing dependence on machinery and fossil fuels.

  • We only buy pre-owned tractors giving existing equipment a second life and lessening the impact on Earth’s resources.