Abbey Farms CSA Produce Box - 1/2 share


Stocked full of Abbey Farms produce & locally grown sweet corn! This 10 week CSA program runs July 1 through September 4, 2020. Each week your large 5 to 10lb produce box is stuffed full of produce grown at the Abbey Farms gardens. This is the perfect about for about 1-2 people for a week (depending how many veggies you eat! 

1/2 Share Abbey Farms CSA Produce Box

  • Terms, Conditions and Contract.

    Thank you for selecting the Abbey Farms CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) Produce Box!

    Mother Nature does not always cooperate, and while we do our very best to include everyone on our CSA list above, please know sometimes crops do not grow accordingly. We reserve to make swaps as needed to ensure your CSA Produce box is of the utmost quality.

    Box Weight: The Weight of your CSA box will vary greatly. In July, boxes are typically lighter as they are filled with greens (lettuce, kale, spinach), beans and more. Towards the end of the season tomatoes, potatoes and more will make the box heavier. On average, there will be between 8 and 12 items in your box each week with weights varying from 9-20 lbs! At certain times (due to weather and growing conditions), Abbey Farms reserves the right to alternate items from other local farms to ensure you have the variety you would expect in your CSA box!

    Payment, Season and Cancellation terms: Full payment of your Abbey Farms CSA box is due at the time of order. The season begins on July 3 and runs through September 4, 2020. There are no refunds due to cancelation as crop is planted specifically to fulfill each order! We thank you for your understanding.

    Pick up date: Each CSA members box will be available for pickup every Friday, starting July 3, from 12pm – 7pm (or alternate store hours as posted) at the Father Bede's Produce Barn located behind the Nagel Emporium by the windmill. Delivery is not available at this time. We pick each box that morning to ensure freshness! If a member fails to pick up their box, it will be waiting for them the following day. No new produce will be issued. On a late pick-up, the freshness of the produce is not guaranteed at that point.

    Freshness: Your produce is picked and packaged fresh each day of pickup. After pick-up, Abbey Farms is not held accountable for the freshness and the quality of the produce in the box. Abbey Farms is not liable for negligence. Please remember all of your produce is FRESH and does not have any preservatives – we recommend refrigeration ASAP to ensure the longevity of your produce. Please remember to consume in a timely manor and enjoy your Abbey Farms CSA Produce Box!

    By placing your order, you agree to the terms, conditions, payment and contract term set forth in the above. 

  • Below is a list of typical items in your Abbey Farms CSA Prouce box.  Please keep in mind, Abbey Farms reserves the right to make subsitutions of times not on this list due to growing events or availability. Thank you! 

    Abbey Farms CSA Grown Veggies and Fruit Unit
    Green Beans lb
    Beets (Red, Yellow) lb
    Escarole chicory lb
    Carrots (Orange, Purple, Yellow) lb
    Cucumbers ea
    Eggplant (Italian) ea
    Kale (Blue Curled) bunch
    Kohlrabi lb
    Lettuce bag
    Lettuce Specialty Mix bag
    Cantaloupe ea
    watermelon ea
    Onions (Red, White, Yellow) lb
    Peas lb
    Bell Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange) ea
    Specialty Peppers (Jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Cubanele) lb
    Potatoes (Red, Gold, Russett) lb
    Radish bunch
    Spinach bag
    Squash (Green, Yellow, Summer) lb
    Sweet Corn (Contract grown, Local Farm!) ea
    Swiss Chard bunch
    Tomatoes (Yellow, Slicing, beefsteak) lb
    Turnip bunch
    Michigan Fruit  
    Peaches lb
    Cherries qt
    Blueberries qt
    Abbey Farms Herbs  
    Variety Mix bunch


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