Now available for store pickup only!  BRAND NEW Marmion Abbey California Chardonnay!  This unoaked white wine is easy to drink and a new favorite to the Marmion Abbey offerings! 


Order online and come to Abbey Farms Nagel Emporium Store on each Saturday to pick up this one-of-a-kind beer by Marmion Abbey! 


Please select your pickup date below.  Must have valid ID at time of pickup. 

Marmion Abbey: California Chardonnay

  • All orders must be purchased online ahead of time. Please allow 24 hours from time of purchase for pickup. Pickup available any day we are open give the 24 hour notice (so we can make this delicous treat from scratch!).


    Purchaser MUST be the same as the one picking up.  Valid ID required. An Abbey Farms employee will take a picture of your ID and store in a secure location for verification purposes only.  All purchasers must be 21 years old or greater.


    No sale will be completed at curbside without the above qualifications met. 


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The farm is now closed until further notice.Thank you all for another great year!
Happy Holidays!!

Available Online 24/7


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